Ever heard someone say Im on diet so I just have a juice today?

Or I don't have dinner,I take meal replacement?

There's a growing trend of people turning towards healthy food and selecting organic foods,We are still seeing more and more people heading to the gyms and slimming centre's.The percentage of obese children is higher than ever before and the people selecting the a XXL t-shirt is higher than those selecting M !

Healthy eating isn't the 0 calorie aerated drink or the low fat pizza or a non fried burger.It isn't about a crash diet or a fad diet which are just passing trends without any proven long term benefits for the human body.Its a lifestyle,a change that has to be brought about in our daily lives.Its a habit that we have to develop and follow it day in day out.

Generally People consider keeping a tab on their daily calories as a measure of how healthy or unhealthy your diet is.Its undeniable that calories are an important part of the healthy eating habit,There's much more to it.What counts is the nutrients in the calories.The important question is not how many calories but how many vitamins/Minerals/Fats/Macronutrients does a plate of food contain along with its calorie count and how much of it is actually available to the body.Take for Instance an Avocado.Its high on calories but its considered as a superfood because of the nutrients it provides to our body.

Everybody in this world wants to be healthy,look good and fit;But we lack the patience to understand its a long process.A continuous one that too.Healthy eating is a routine that has to be followed day in day out rather than a fad which is temporary.

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